Not sure how to pair truffle oil with your dishes? 

With its intense, earthy flavors, truffle oil can sometimes be overpowering if used too much or incorrectly. But don’t let that scare you. Pairing this prized condiment with your food doesn’t have to be complicated. Read on to learn five simple ways you can use truffle-flavored olive oil like a pro.

Do you add truffle oil before or after cooking?

Before we dive into the different ways you can pair truffle oil, it’s a good idea to note truffle oil is best used as a finishing oil, not a cooking oil. This is because heat can degrade the natural flavors of the truffle. It’s better to think of your truffle oil as a condiment used to enhance the flavors of a finished dish.

In addition, like with any extra virgin olive oil, it’s a good idea to store your truffle oil away from heat and light which can cause the oil to oxidize and lose flavor.

Alright, now that we’ve addressed how to use and store truffle oil in the kitchen, let’s talk about some of the specific ways you can pair it with your food!

Five Ways to Pair Truffle Oil

1. Potatoes

The starchiness of potatoes makes for an ideal base for the earthy flavors of truffle oil. Drizzle it in your mashed potatoes, finished gnocchi, or try making these delicious Parmesan Truffle Fries with Garlic Aioli.

2. Pasta

It’s no secret that truffles are commonly paired pasta, but did you know that they go great with macaroni and cheese, too? We challenge you to create an elevated, grown-up version of America’s favorite cheesy pasta dish by adding a drizzle or two of truffle oil!

Need inspiration? Check out our Truffled Mushroom & Gouda Mac & Cheese recipe.

There a dark, bluish grey background with a table setting of food and drink. In the middle is a white bowl filled with golden macaroni and cheese, topped with fresh mushrooms in herbs. Around the bowl are glasses of water, two smaller empty plates with forks, a bowl of cooked mushrooms, torn bread, and a bottle of Zucchi Truffle-Flavored Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

3. Eggs

In Italy’s central region of Umbria, Black Truffle Frittata is a traditional dish of summer served to celebrate the prized seasonal tuber. In fact, both white and black truffles are commonly paired with poached and fried eggs throughout Italy–a duo that’s simple yet decadent. 

You can easily enjoy the same flavors by cooking up your next scrambled eggs with our black truffle-flavored olive oil. Feeling extra fancy? Then you won’t want to miss this Truffled Eggs Benedict recipe!

4. Popcorn

Popcorn and truffles? While this might sound like an odd pairing, we encourage you to give it a try. The next time you make a batch of homemade popcorn, use our truffle-flavored olive oil instead of butter. Once popped, you can drizzle on more truffle olive oil to taste and top with some grated parmesan cheese for the ultimate snack!

There is a pizza topped with fresh sliced figs, arugula, and cheese. A hand is pouring olive oil from a bottle at the top. In the background there is a bottle of Zucchi truffle-flavored extra virgin olive oil. The backdrop is black and the surface and a bluish grey.

5. Pizza

No, we’re not talking about your classic tomato sauce and mozzarella pizza. When it comes to adding truffle oil to pizza, you’ll want to think a bit outside the box. Consider a pizza topped with a strong cheese, like taleggio or fontina, dark leafy greens like arugula and spinach, or cooked mushrooms, which have a similar earthy flavor to truffles. 

For example, this Fig, Arugula, and Truffled Goat Cheese Pizza is a great way to enjoy truffle oil on pizza that’s not too overpowering.

Infused with real black truffle flakes, Zucchi Truffle Flavored Extra Virgin Olive Oil boasts earthy flavors reminiscent of porcini mushrooms, garlic, and chocolate. Learn more about our truffle-flavored olive oil here and find it in a store near you.