Good cooking is based on simple acts and ingredients that succeed in creating a magical combination and flavoured oils, with their multiple benefits and uses, tick all the boxes. They are a food product that combines the quality of extra virgin olive oil with the savour of spices and scents of the Italian tradition to add a unique touch to tasty and healthy dishes.

Depending on the recipes and advantages that one wants to obtain, there are different varieties of oil enhanced by spices, herbs, fruits and savours that are unmistakably Mediterranean.

Garlic oil: a type of oil whose characteristic intense taste can marry with simple foods like bread and vegetables to create gourmet bruschettas (garlic bread) or make grilled vegetables even more flavourful.

Chilli oil: a drizzle of this oil on a plate of spaghetti in a tomato and basilica sauce, on a pizza or on a plate of different types of roast meat creates a dish with great personality, taste and tradition. The oil flavored with chilli gives colour and just the right hint of heat to dishes, especial for discerning palates seeking strong flavours.

Truffle oil: one of the finest flavored oils is truffle oil, which cannot be absent from the tables of chefs, gourmets and lovers of Italian excellence. A delicate but inebriating oil that is able to enhance flavours that combines with the taste of fresh home-made pasta, with soup made with the season’s vegetables, with meat and risottos.

Onion and shallot oil: a vegetable couscous that is already full of intense and spicy flavour can be even more succulent if seasoned with a drizzle of raw oil that has been flavored with onion and shallot. This type of oil is easy to digest, has a light but distinctive taste and is also ideal with salads, croutons, raw-fish tartare and pasta salads.

Pesto oil: a special variety that is able to enhance a host of dishes. The benefits of extra virgin olive oil in this product are accompanied by the presence of basil, an aromatic herb with a fresh and Mediterranean savour. It can be used to season typical summer dishes like pasta with fresh cherry tomatoes or salad or can be drizzled on focaccia or on grilled or raw vegetables.

The variety and benefits of flavored oils become an excuse for playing in the kitchen, mixing creativity and inventiveness with a constant eye on wellbeing and a healthy diet.